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Saturday, June 7, 2008

I've arrived I read food blogs CONSTANTLY. Particularly Vegan and Vegetarian food blogs, although sometimes I run the gamut. Well I also cook all the time, and although photography may not be my strong point, I've decided it's time I shared some of my own creations. So here I am!!!!

My first entry is probably not the best choice, because it lacks a bit in the photogenic category, but according to my other half, who is eating it now...the taste isn't a bit lacking.

I've done the herb scalloped potatoes from Veganomicon pictured in all their glory below
scalloped potatoes

And looking even better in a close up here:
scalloped potatoes

I don't know why the close up looks golden crisp and gorgeous while the wider one looks like the behind of a boy who hasn't seen sun in 3 years...but that's just how it is, and y'all will have to deal. So there. If you don't like my attitude this might be a tumultuous relationship, but I think we can be friends.

The only change I made to the originally V'con recipe was using a miso base instead of straight up veggie stock where called for, but since my boyfriend is a salt addict, I certainly don't hear any complaints.

One more thing...I like to sign off in my personal blog with the word "selah" which is a way of signing off and signifying the end of a yiddish story. I didn't want to confuse you now that I've got all that plus some food on the table...we'll call it a wrap on my first entry.

Here's to many more!

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