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Sunday, June 8, 2008


WARNING....this one does involve eggs.
The potatoes were totally Vegan, I made the diner home fries from V'con, for once following the recipe EXACTLY as it was written. I was tempted to add some chili pepper flakes, but I left them out. It was good, but I'm definitely excited about having a little kick next time, so I think I will do that in the future.

Nevertheless, the finished product was good, and very much enjoyed.
They really did remind me of ones I would get in a diner...crispy...kind of greasy, and oniony/peppery delicious. thumbs up!!!

And then I made scrambled eggs. I was going to to do a tofu scramble, but we've only got one block of tofu at the moment and about a billion eggs that no one's been eating, so I had to go the egg route. Perhaps it's a sign that in the future we should buy more tofu and less eggs. But anyway. I mixed a few eggs with organic 1% milk, paprika, zataar, salt and pepper, chiffonaded a bunch of fresh basil (that means I rolled it up and sliced it basically, not to be overly fancy) and rocked that with a healthy helping of salsa before the eggs finished cooking completely.

With some ketchup for the home fries (mmm corn syrup!) and a nice glass of milk for me and VERY Pulpy orange juice for the boy, breakfast was complete. And OOOH was it a good. I'm fairly convinced a good breakfast always means a good day...



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