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Monday, June 9, 2008

Seitan Piccata!!!

This is another one from V'con. I've never made piccata with actual chicken, so I'm not sure how this measures up, but it is definitely good. I fried up some of the simple seitan that I made earlier this week using the V'con recipe, and then got to making the sauce and green beans to lay underneath.


As I'm sure you can see in the picture, the one major difference between the recipe for normal piccata and mine is that I used green olives with pimentos intact instead of the kalamata/black ones recommended. The black ones always kind of taste like the can to me, and I couldn't find any PITTED kalamata olives....and I didn't plan on sitting in my kitchen for an hour attempting to pit them. Doesn't matter though...I really like the green ones in the sauce, and when I remake this recipe I think I'll continue to use them.

It is bedtime for me.....I need to pass out before I get all motivated and start cooking food I can't eat fast enough again.



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