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Monday, September 8, 2008

Last Summer Grilling

Yesterday they closed the pool for the season, and since the grills were opened in conjunction with the pool, and the gas was turned off when the pool closed every night...we kind of figured they were being shut down for the year as well, and made sure to use them yesterday.
I decided to make the apple burgers from Vegetarian Planet because apple in a burger sounded really good to boyfriend's reaction was APPLE???? IN A BURGER??? But as it turns out, the apple is even more icognito than I had hoped, and the burgers are great. I did find it odd that there was really nothing in the recipe to hold these together, with the exception of rice. The recipe called for regular old basmati or whatever you had...I used Chinese sticky rice, and I'm pretty sure that had I used a long grain variety, these wouldn't have had a chance.
apple burger
These are really more of a skillet burger, and we had some trouble keeping them together on the grill, but I'm glad to report that they survived, and were dutifully enjoyed with hearty slices of tomato. (Which we also grilled)

Since we were on a roll, we decided to grill the cantelope as well.
grilled cantelope
The grilled cantelope almost reminds me of a hot, fruity drink...don't ask just does. But it's good...I highly recommend it, and grill marks are fun.

There were oven baked fries with this meal as well...but they didn't make it to pictureland, they were gobbled up much too quickly. Potato wedges tossed with salt, pepper, rosemary, cayenne, and olive oil, baked for 20 minutes on each side at 450 degrees.



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