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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Moo Shoo Tofu

My favorite thing about this dish is probably…that it rhymes. When I saw the moo shoo recipe in Vegetarian planet, I just had to give it a shot, since it’s my absolute favorite Chinese take out item (ever since I discovered hot and sour soup nearly always has pork in it). I’ve already discovered how to make my own hot and sour soup (thanks V’con!) and it was high time for the mooshoo. I didn’t have any of the traditional pancakes, and thought we might be able to use the remaining egg roll wrappers as a sub. They worked ok…but were definitely a bit much, so I’m thinking I’ll try and locate a recipe for the pancakes…either that or make some crepes as a substitute.

This was very much an assemble-your-own meal, with the filling, wrappers, and hoisin all served up separately.

moo shoo filling

wrappers and sauce

Because they were out of mung beans at Shaws, I replaced them with a sliced zucchini, which worked out well. Truth be told, I’m pretty sure I could have put ANYTHING in those wrappers, and they would have been good dipped in hoisin Sauce. I always thought they were making something ingenious in the Chinese restaurants, turns out the magic comes in a small jar in the Asian foods aisle. Whatever you do…just don’t tell me what’s in it. I’m happier that way.



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