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Monday, November 10, 2008

Tempeh and Onions

This was a simple dish made to round out a meal of leftovers. I also made a pretty sweet salad combining the spicy citrus vinaigrette from V'con with half a papaya that met its fate on the mandolin. Sadly the salad never got as far as pictures, but it looked pretty average anyway, nothing telling of the exotic flavor.

I bought a block of "garden veggie" tempeh tonight, and although I could see tiny specks of vegetable in it, it tasted exactly the same as every other tempeh I've ever had. I coated a large skillet with olive oil, and added about two cloves minced garlic, along with the block of tempeh, cut into small cubes. Once the tempeh had cooked and was starting to brown on all sides, I added a whole onion; sliced, and decent servings of Spike (seasoning), white pepper, and Bac-Uns. Once the onion became translucent, about 5 baby bella mushrooms; sliced, joined the party. This took about ten more minutes for all the flavors to meld together, and was then served up.
tempeh and onions
I've really been surprised by how much tempeh is growing on me lately. I'm still a little hesitant of recipes calling for large pieces, like tempeh "ribs", since it's easier to cook out (or hide) the bitterness when it's chopped, crumbled, or mashed (as in the spicy tempeh rolls from V'con). This particular method is really good, simple, and filling, not to mention fast. I'm glad I have such a simple tempeh mainstay in my repertoire, the stuff really is great for you...



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