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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mediterranean Burger

We still had two of those horrible “Bahama Burgers” I reviewed a while ago sitting in the fridge, and I decided it was time I “manned” up and took care of…one. I went with a “the more I put between the buns, the less I’ll taste the burger” theory, and it actually worked out quite well. In all fairness, the Mediterranean flavor is also not as bad as the pineapple-mango ones were.

mediteranean burger
I set these up in whole-wheat bakery rolls, with my traditional nayo-lemon juice-caper-pepper spread. I then sliced up nearly half a HUGE avocado, and piled that under a healthy mound of alfalfa sprouts. Pretty simple, and it was so good I plan on having the last burger the same exact way tomorrow…which will be even quicker, since I’ve got leftover spread and the avocado is already partially sliced.



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