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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beer Brats and Garlic-Stuffed Potatoes

The recipe for the brats came from Yellow Rose Recipes, and the idea to top them with onions and peppers is from B36 Kitchen. The sausages were o.k....I’ve made and eaten better. To be honest these were rather bready and bland, things I should have thought of during the mixing process because I could have fixed them then. It probably didn’t help matters that we ate them on these rocking sprouted buns that were great...but almost un-distinguishable from the “sausage” in terms of texture and weight.

onions and pepper
The peppers and onions on the other hand were a definite score. I cooked these up in olive oil, garlic salt, and thyme. (the crumbled herb version not the powder – we have both) and I could’ve eaten them alone…seriously…who needs the brat?

The potatoes were actually a recipe from a friend. We went to her place for dinner one evening, and when we arrived she had cut slits into potatoes and was stuffing them with sliced garlic, who would’ve thunk? After being stuffed with the garlic, the potatoes are drizzled with canola oil and receive generous grinds of salt and pepper. I’d never seen this done before, and I thought it was ingenious.

garlic potatoes

These are baked in the oven for an hour at 375F and are best served with some sort of dressing. If you’re using Yukon Golds or a similarly skinned potato, feel free to leave them unpeeled. The Maine baking potatoes I had on hand are a bit too thick-skinned for that. In our household we like “green dressing” which is an emulsion of herbs, oils and braggs…but the exact recipe is secret and not mine to divulge. I’d be willing to bet that a Ceaser or mustard vinaigrette would be delicious as well.

The beer brats could use some work, and since I’ve made better sausages in the past, I think I’ll stick with those. I will make onions and peppers to top sandwiches again...or maybe just to snack on as is. And the potatoes? Always a mainstay around these parts.



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