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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Breakfast Scramble

The one rule I have about tofu scrambles is that they must be yellow. Generally I’m not terribly concerned about food colors, since taste is much more important, and what law states that all scrambles MUST be yellow? But I like my breakfast protein yellow, and so yellow it was this morning.
tofu scramble
I wrapped half a block of tofu in paper towel, and placed a handy bottle of cider vinegar on top as a weight. In the meantime, I chopped up a GARGANTUON button mushroom, half a green bell pepper, and a tomato. The pepper, mushroom and crumbled tofu were all added to the skillet at the same time, along with mustard, turmeric, dill and sweet paprika. Once these were almost cooked, I added a healthy dose of my homemade pesto along with the tomatoes.

TA DA! I sliced up some of my remaining raisin bread from the market, and then there was breakfast… (Admittedly, I added a bit too much turmeric today, as evidenced by the almost neon yellow color)

I also spent some time last night turning my bountiful supply of basil into pesto, leaving a Tupperware full for the fridge, and several small Ziploc bags in the freezer for future use. While I don’t have a picture of the pesto alone, it is in the scramble, and will probably be appearing as an “incorporation” of several dishes in the future, so I”ll give out my TOP SECRET recipe.

Pesto is pretty much the easiest thing on earth to make, and I change it a bit each time, depending on what is on hand. This batch involved stuffing the food processor (several times) with basil leaves, a few mint leaves, some parmesan cheese (I considered replacing it with nutritional yeast, but wasn’t quite ready to make the leap on such a large batch), grinds of sea salt and pepper, and a healthy drizzle of olive oil. That was it…and it’s SOOOOO good, I just love pesto.



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