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Monday, September 22, 2008

Mac N Cheese

I've made the kraft stuff out of a box...I've made Annies white shells (way better) and I've made the Mac Daddy from V'con. (Good as a dish, but nothing like actual mac and cheese). I've never made the REAL stuff from scratch, and so this was my first attempt.

I decided on the recipe in Rachael Ray Best Eats in Town on $40 a Daysince it looked good, and decided to jazz it up with a head of swiss chard that I'd picked up at the farmer's market.
mac n cheese
The recipe called for a block of sharp white cheddar, and another of sharp yellow cheddar. The only cheddar with any yellow in it at the market was "marble", so I had to go with that, which created a somewhat anemic looking Mac n' Cheese. The dish also would've benefited from some pepper/chili in the cheese sauce, but then I think EVERYTHING could benefit from some chili. This was a great comfort food, and I loved the extra crunch from the swiss chard. As we speak, I'm turning some of the leftovers into a mac n'cheese fritatta.



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