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Monday, December 8, 2008

Mediterranean Pesto Pasta

Sometimes leftovers are pretty blah...other times they're pretty great, and today's lunch erred on the side of pretty great. We're in painful need of a grocery shopping excursion which is planned for later tonight, but I did manage to scrape up some remnants of food and put together a pretty nice lunch for myself.
I wilted down the remaining baby spinach (that didn't quite get used up in salads this week) with some minced garlic and olive oil. I added some leftover cooked angel hair that was in the fridge along with some oil cured black olives, sun dried tomatoes, and a gladware of arugula pesto that I'd made a couple weeks ago and totally forgotten about since it got lost in the back of the (now empty) fridge.

PRESTO. A quick, mediterranean lunch made from practically nothing...and quite delicious if I say so myself.


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