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Friday, January 9, 2009


This quick celery preparation is something I came across in a cookbook or website a long time ago, and copied to a card in my recipe file. I haven’t the faintest idea where it came from, but I know it isn’t my creation, so sadly I can’t post the recipe. I’m sure that with a google search of “Apio” though…you could find it.


The original recipe only involves celery and a number of liquids, but since we had a bunch of baby bella mushrooms nearing their demise in the fridge, I decided to slice up and add a few. The mushrooms were PERFECT, and when I make apio in the future, I’ll definitely be including them. I’m even considering adding a number of other vegetables to make this more of a pre-meal sweet salad when guests are over. This is meant to be an appetizer prior to a meal, but I made it as my lunch today, since I was short on time and there weren’t many other options in the fridge. I also just really like cooked celery…I’m not sure what it is I’m so attracted to, but I’m sure there are worse foods I could be hooked on.



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