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Monday, December 29, 2008

Marinated Mushrooms and a Hot n Sour Slaw

Tonight was a very "antipasti" medley of sorts. We had green olives and whole roasted garlic spread on toast as well, but they aren't pictured.

I've been wanting to try out Marinated Mushrooms for awhile, as they're a household favorite, and I'm not huge on some of the sketchy ingredients that come in your average jar. The recipe I used was from the cookbook The Olive and the Caper and was good...although not quite what I was after. These were very oily (not surprising considering how much olive oil was in the recipe) and the anise seed was just plain time I think an ingredient is odd...I'll follow my gut. Otherwise they're good...but it looks like we'll keep buying the jarred kind for least until I can get my own version up to par.

The salad was in no way Greek, but still quite good. I got the recipe from Vegetarian Planet, and the introduction to it said that "hot and sour soup is good..but hot and sour slaw is so much better."
I LOVE my hot and sour soup, and not much can get in the way of our relationship. So while this salad is REALLY good, and I went back for's no hot and sour soup, I'm sorry. If you've got the cookbook, I highly recommend it is VERY good, they're on to something here.



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