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Monday, January 12, 2009

Creamy-Spicy Seitan with Coconut Quinoa

This feels so NAUGHTY...and yet, it's really not bad for you. Granted the entire can of coconut milk in the recipe IS full of fat....but according to some reading I've been doing lately, although coconut is chock full of saturated fat, it's good for you...great even. Apparently indigenous people who cook everything with coconut oil live extremely long I'm going to try and abate my fear of the long as I'm not eating it everyday, and I DO really enjoy the stuff.
This one comes from the Vegan Dad Cookbook as well (have I mentioned you should buy it?) and he really has yet to let me down. I'm a little afraid to try the bread recipes at the back of the book...only because they look amazing, and I'm scared I'll screw something up and totally destroy them. It would be horribly disrespectful.

But THIS was hard to screw up. I added some sliced thai chilis to the seitan marinade for added kick, but other than that, left everything the same..oops I lied. I didn't have any cilantro for garnish, but made everything right by adding some coriander (same plant!) to the marinade. See, we're at equilibrium. This has got to be the NICEST thing you can do for your seitan...and over quinoa...we all know how I love to sing the praises of quinoa.



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