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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Carrot Dumplings in Lemongrass Broth

I’ve never made “dumplings” before…good thing they’re a lot like matzoh balls…eliminate the matzoh meal, replace with flour, and adorn as desired. It actually gave me an idea…I’ve never mixed carrots or spices of any kind into my matzoh balls…but why not? I see a culinarily (yes I made that word up) exciting Passover in my future.
carrot dumplings in lemongrass broth
The broth for this had a similar flavor profile to a lot of the asian soups I’ve made: Cilantro, Lime Juice, lemongrass, salt/tamari, and hot chili sauce were all involved. Granted there was no coconut milk, but I’ve been avoiding that for a bit since it’s so high in fat…I’m eating things like Mac N’ Cheese instead ;). I’m very excited that I’ve found a year-round version of the matzoh ball, and in the future I’d love to add even more vegetables to this, elevating it to stew status.



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