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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Asian Experiment

Today I decided it was time to hit up the Asian Market again...mostly because I was down to the last drop of peanut oil, and there's no better (read; cheaper) place to get it.

We decided to play around in the aisles a bit, picking up a bunch of stuff we'd either never seen...or never eaten before. After the trip there as well as an over-flowing cart full at Shaws (I haven't been posting because we've had no food!) it was high time for a late lunch, and I decided to try out some of the new ingredients we'd picked up.
asian experiment
I pulled out the wok, and stir-fried "vegetarian pork in sauce", bamboo shoots in chili sauce, mung beans, fresh straw mushrooms, and the leafy greens from the beets we picked up at Shaws. I got everything started with the last of our former peanut oil, and spiced it up with an overflowing spoonful of hoisen and some five spice powder.

In summary? The fake pork I could do without...the texture's ok, but it's got a faint aftertaste that isn't my favorite. The bamboo shoots in chili oil on the other hand....NEW FAVORITE FOOD. I liked the straw mushrooms as well, they turned out a lot like spaghetti, and given the choice...I'm ALL over straw mushrooms with there's an idea.



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