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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ethopian Tofu of Meh

So I'm in a rut. My oven has now been out of commission for over two weeks. Remember the sloppy joe buns I had to make in the toaster oven two weekends ago because the oven wasn't working? Well they came in a few days later, and supposedly fixed the attempting to make a casserole that week, I discovered it still didn't work. The "oven guy" finally made it back last monday, and after saying the whole thing *WAS* actually shot, my super decided to order me a brand new oven. It was supposed to be here today...shockingly, it wasn't. I went looking for the super, but it doesn't even appear that he ever came in today.

THAT said...there are only so many pasta dishes and soups I can show, which is why this place has been a bit slow lately, and will probably continue to be until I get an oven...join me in praying it shows up soon...

I made an Ethiopian dish called "dorowat" tonight, which had already been (kindly) switched from the traditional chicken to tofu by Rhonda on Recipezaar. Too bad, because it still wasn't very good. This was way over-spiced, and under-salted. It tasted dry, and almost chalky, probably because half of my spice rack went into it (and I have a pretty expansive spice rack). The dish seriously needed salt, along with acid, although the tomatoes provided a bit of that.

Overall though....very disappointing, it just made me miss my oven even more...



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