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Monday, January 19, 2009

Radicchio of Grossness

I love Jamie Oliver...really I do. I met the guy back in college when I was interning at Regis and Kelly, and he was seriously the most down-to-earth person I have EVER crossed paths with...really a big kid whose making it in the food business. I love what he's all about in terms of food, and although he cooks and eats meat, he's big on getting it from small local farms where it was treated and fed well throughout its life, and was killed humanely. Of course I'd love him even more if he was veggie, but as far as food philosiphy goes, I can stand behind him.

And that's why it hurts so much that he let me down with this one..although it's not totally his fault.
This came from his "Jamie in Italy" cookbook, and it looked great. Better yet, it was totally Vegan to begin with, I didn't need to mess with anything. Another selling point (I thought) was the new years resolution is to try a new food or drink every week...and I've never had raddicchio before, so I thought it'd be great.

memo to me: Raddicchio is bitter. It's REALLY bitter. Nasty, strong, I never want to eat it again bitter. EWWW. So this one was a failure, but I tried out two new things this week, and as it turns out I REALLY like hemp milk, the vanilla kind anyway...



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