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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Braised Seitan with Brussels, Kale, and Sundried tomatoes

This smelled REALLY good. It looked delicious. The ingredient list was an all-star line-up. I was SURE I'd love it before I'd even begun to make it. It was just ok.
It still smelled great on the plate, but the flavors weren't quite as complex as they seemed. In addition to that, something is giving it a bitter flavor, and I can't figure out what for the life of me. Add to that my hope that I could bring some brussel haters over to the dark side with this, and it's simply not going to do it. In addition to the bitterness and all, the whole thing tastes brussel sprouty...there aren't even that many in there, but they flavored everything. That's a non issue for me, since I like brussel sprouts, but something tells me I won't have help finishing off the leftovers.

The sundried tomatoes rock in this though. Literally. They're like a headbanging musical interlude to break up all the brussel sprout-boredom that seems to permeate.

Recipe courtesy V'con



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