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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spinach Vichyssoise with Stewed Tofu and Potatoes in Miso Gravy

I'd never actually made a Vichyssoise before, and frankly I think the name is rather ridiculous. Basically it's a creamed veggie soup with lots of milk...or in my case, soy milk. Big whoop. This version came from Vegetarian Planet and it was ok...the salt and pepper were what made it, otherwise this pretty much would've been flavorless goop. On the bright side, the rocking green color it got from the spinach was pretty rad.
I topped this with some fresh chives and cracked white pepper, which seemed quite fitting, and I obviously skipped the sour cream called for by the recipe. I think that would've been better suited if I was serving it cold anyway.

For a main course, I made the stewed tofu and potatoes with miso gravy from VwaV. This definitely isn't a photo-friendly fact there's really nothing good looking about it, but it's really good. Very salty, yes...but also really good.
I'm not sure what difference (if any) it would've made if I'd found chickpea miso, I wasn't about to put any serious effort into seeking it when I already had light and dark sitting in the fridge. I used the light version for this dish in an attempt to mellow it out a bit, although in all honesty, it didn't do a ton in that regard. Still good though, very good.



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