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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Curried Udon Noodle Stir fry

It's been a pretty busy weekend, what with fireworks, our monthly pizza night, I haven't done much cooking.

Last night the guys were ordering Chinese, so I decided to make some of my own, using the recipe for curried udon noodles from V'con. I was very into the sauce, although I'd probably double it for next time to give the noodles a more generous coating. I also kept to the vegetables suggested in the recipe, which was a little lacking...I'd add peas, mushrooms, carrots...possibly baby corn, in the future.
curried udon noodle stir-fry
Overall...not bad, I'll enjoy the seconds for lunch at work today, and keep thinking up possibilities for next time, since I really liked the sauce. I added a sprinkling of black sesame seeds, simply because I thought it needed a shot of pizzaz...I couldn't really taste them or anything.

There's a french onion soup coming up...perhaps tomorrow. I'm excited because it's normally made with beef stock and I've never attempted to make a vegetarian version. It will have cheese on top...but I'm sure it could be replaced with Teese or something along those lines.



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