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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Potato-Mushroom Blintzes

I wanted to make something fancy for breakfast today...and while these may not really look the part, they tasted awful good, so we'll chalk this one down as a success.

I made the potato-mushroom blintzes from V'con, using their "savory" crepe recipe, and putting in some Orange zest. I balked a little at the 1.5 cups of milk because the batter already looked pretty thin. In hindsight I should have just followed directions, because the batter (and in turn, the crepes) was a little thick.
potato shroom blintzes
I served them up with some of the spiced yogurt sauce from V'con, replacing cumin seeds with the straight cumin powder, and garam masala with Tandoori Masala. I'm not sure what the original would taste like, but my rendition worked great on the dish.

Mmm..I'm such a breakfast lover.



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