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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just to hold you over

I actually cooked tonight, and made some pretty exciting food. That said, I have entire recipes and such to put up along with the pictures, and it's a bit late for that tonight. Enter......Pancakes!
blueberry pancakes 2
I made these for breakfast the other day, since we had some fresh blueberries to finish up before they were no longer.....fresh. Have I mentioned yet how much I love blueberries? I mean how could you not? They're a superfood (That's like a fruity superhero)...which means they actually prevent cancer...those teeny little berries could be saving your go out and buy some...NOW!

But anyhow, since I was up with nothing much to do, I decided to be the cool significant other and make some breakfast pancakes. My recipe for pancakes is easy...dump a bunch of flour in a bowl..add a palmful of baking soda and cinnamon...and then add milk (or soy milk) until the consistency looks like a pancake batter. Then hit the griddle. In this case, I obviously added blueberries.

Some Vermont maple syrup went on top, and that was it..a perfect breakfast. (with coffee of course)



  • I had an incredible blueberry muffin this morning with wild maine blueberries in it. I love blueberries too and followed it up with a blueberry cottage cheese cup. Yummy!

    By Blogger Nikki Douglas, At July 17, 2008 at 9:52 AM  

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